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Beek Geeks

All About Honey Bees

Their Keepers

My Beek Geeks presentation is my most popular and specifically designed to teach EVERYONE, kids and adults, all about honey bees and the role beekeepers play in their management. I can do this presentation to classrooms, homeschool groups, adults, Boy Scout & Girl Scouts, Events, at Businesses, assisted living homes, summer camps, religious organizations, youth groups, you name it!

I often incorporate fun activities loaded with captivating visuals and common tools used by Beekeepers to encourage hands-on learning. I bring an observation hive* with live bees, as well as an exampled of a Langstroth beehive. I tailor each presentation to the age level of my audience. I also can provide accommodations for those with special needs. I have knowledge of IWP/Smartboard Technologies so if there is access to one, I can utilize it.

Having been an educator for a number of years I pride myself in being able to collaborate with teachers to create a presentation that meets state and national education standards. I am able to further tailor presentations far, not only classroom teachers, but also for specials' teachers in art, gym, music, and theater. 

Topics I cover:

  • Biology of Honey Bees

  • Types of Honey Bees

  • Roles of Honey Bees in the Hive

  • The Queen

  • Pollination

  • Beneficial Plans

  • Honey Facts

  • The History of Beekeeping

  • What A Beekeeper Does

  • How to Help Bees 

  • Inside the Hive

This presentation is free for all Loudoun County Schools, organizations, businesses, etc.

*Observation Hive- because my bees are precious to me, I reserve the right not to bring an observation hive. I value the health and strength of my bees. If my bees are stressed or weak due to health issues or bad weather patterns I cannot in good consciousness bring them. They are living creatures who just like everyone else, have good days and bad days. Even bees get sick and stressed. No worries though, I have plenty of visuals and teaching aides that can make up the difference.

Please Contact me today for more information or to book a date with the bees!

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