Bee Rescue

If a swarm has shown up on your property or you are in need of a removal for an existing established colony we are here for you!  

We also remove bumble bee nesting sites from high traffic areas on properties

Rest assured, we do not exterminate honeybees or bumble bees.

Please contact me to get a free estimate. If you are a contractor or pest management company please add me to your contacts and I will gladly assist you in removing honey bees. My mission is to protect and rescue feral honey bee colonies and bumblee bees.



Extracting honey bees from buildings and undesirable locations is considerably more difficult than collecting swarm clusters. When the colony is first established, only a few pounds of adult bees are present, but these bees rapidly build combs, collect honey, and begin to rear more bees. A well-established colony may have up to 100 pounds of honey, many pounds of adult and developing bees, and many beeswax combs. Removing such as nest is a challenge. The first step is to determine the exact location of the combs and size of the colony

I always advocate for the capture and collection of honey bees and bumble bees.

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To inquire about a bee removal, call us or fill out the form below!