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Colorful Colonies & Bold Beehives

Colorful Colonies 
Bold Beehives


  This is another fun class for those beekeepers wanting to elevate their hives boxes into works of art. Many hobby beekeepers enjoy adding more ornamental and artistically creative hives to their landscapes and gardens. These hives become functional art forms and great conversational pieces. 


  Many beekeepers are getting more and more creative with their hive body components, whether they’re running Langstroths, Top Bar, Mini Urban Boxes, even Skeps. 


  This class is designed to for those wanting to add a splash of color and design to their boxes while still keeping them functional and long lasting. We will discuss:


•The Art and History of Beehives; Ancient-Contemporary 

• Types of paints that work best

• Color theory in terms of how honeybees see color

• How to properly prepare hive boxes for painting

• How to protect our artful hives from the elements-especially UV rays. 

Now Booking Private Lessons

Cost is $75 and includes supplies.

Please contact me for more info.

Workshops are in the works. Currently scoping location possibilities.

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