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Artivism! Art for awareness. Art for Learning. Art for skills development. Art as an interdisciplinary tool to reach students of all ages, engaging them through visual learning and creating methods while exploring science, reading, writing, geography, and portfolio building for aspiring artists.

I work hard to bring pollinator awareness presentations to students of all ages prek-12! I connect valuable lessons in art, science, geography, writing and reading to amazing presentations that bring awareness to honey bees and our Native Pollinators. Touching about core curriculum standards of learning is of the upmost importance to me.

Presentations for older students promise a more in depth look at using art as a tool to bring awareness to issues we find near and dear to our hearts. In this instance, we will discuss how I utilize my art to bring awareness to honey bees and pollinators in general. I offer a more grown-up approach to the presentations I provide the younger students.


This is a great choice for AP Art students at the High School level. We will be creating a work of art that is not only visually stunning but has purpose-awareness art! Bringing awareness to the plight of our world's pollinators with a work of art that will engage and captivate an audience into conversation about our environment and pollinators.

What makes this presentation truly unique it that the students will be creating a work of art utilizing wax sourced directly from my beehives. We will be working with hotplates, so safety will be emphasized heavily. Some prep work is necessary for this presentation so a collaboration between the art teacher or classroom teacher is a must!


  • What are Pollinators?

  • What is Pollination?

  • Butterflies & Moths

  • Birds and Bees

  • Wasps & Beetles

  • Flies and more!

  • Pollinator Garden & Landscape Design

  • Insect Lifecycles

  • Art for Awareness/Artivism

  • Making Art

  • Encaustic Media

  • Photography


Having been an educator for a number of years I pride myself in being able to collaborate with teachers to create a presentation that meets state and national education standards.

The price for a presentation starts at $275 and vary based on location and the size of the group I am presenting to. My presentations be designed for 60 minutes up to 2hours or longer if needed. Basic supplies like pencils, erasers, scissors, rulers, and smocks are not provided by me. I provide all other supplies needed for the art project I have planned for the class/group I am presenting to. I am fully prepared to make accommodations for special needs. If the season is right I may bring an observation hive* along as well! 

*Observation Hive- because my bees are precious to me, I reserve the right not to bring an observation hive. I value the health and strength of my bees. If my bees are stressed or weak due to health issues or bad weather patterns I cannot in good consciousness bring them. They are living creatures who just like everyone else, have good days and bad days. Even bees get sick and stressed. No worries though, I have plenty of visuals and teaching aides that can make up the difference.

Please Contact me today for more information or to book a date with the bees!

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