Taking notice of the things that go mostly unnoticed in our hectic day-to-day adventures in life, is not only inspiring, but meditative. 

It feels almost other-worldly and its this feeling I aim to convey through my fine art photography and art.


Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a little. My grandfather, an avid photographer, taught me many things about the camera and how to capture images. I studied studied photography while in art school because, not only did I love it but, as an illustrator, having the best resource photos to work from is key to success.


It was there that I also fell in love with alternative processes as well as large format field cameras. My early years were spent in darkrooms as digital cameras were just being developed. I really enjoy the natural world but did spend some years working commercially and taking on wedding, equestrian lifestyle and portraiture work. I learned from some of the best in the industry, Ellen Carey, Robert Calafiore, and Mary Frey.

The images I take are still utilized heavily as resources for my fine art and illustration. I do create bodies of fine art photography where I focus on the natural world and the wildlife that resides there. Most of my encaustic fine art photography pieces feature pollinators. All the beeswax I utilize in my encaustic works is sourced ethically and sustainably from my own apiaries. 

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