Artist Statement

I create and deliver impactful interdisciplinary art units and lessons that creatively promote pollinator awareness. Over and over, research shows that kids who receive art lessons while young become more imaginative, creative, open-minded, and well rounded adults. As you may know, creativity is an essential part of intelligence, and is often used as a gauge for measuring IQ.


Planet Bee Foundation


Are you interested in learning more about bees and pollinators? 

Head on over to the Planet Bee Foundation! They are now offering virtual distance learning bee lessons for individuals, schools and non-profits.

My Art

I am an established self-representing artist and educator. I obtained my BFA from The Hartford Art School with a Major in Illustration (focus in children's book illustration). I also studied photography and art history (with a focus on sacred and pre-Christian ancient art).
I received my MAT/MFA at The Maryland Institute College of Art.

Connection, communication, heart, and soul. Passion. I have come a long way as an artist, even so, I know I am not even halfway there. Truthfully, I don't know where there is and I don't want to. A destination point signifies an ending. Art, for me, is always a beginning-an infinite beginning- a never ending journey. Where creation is concerned, finality is not something I believe in. I am always a student-always learning, observing, evolving and changing.

My heart often dictates the journeys but Mother Nature is a gentle guide and her children, Fauna and Flora captivate my desire to create. My works give a voice to a greater cause, a purpose to bring  

Classes  & Workshops

PyroHive & Colorful Colonies


These classes and workshops are designed for those beekeepers wanting to add a splash of color and design to their boxes was still keeping them functional  and long lasting. 


BeeCentric Beekeeping 


My beekeeping classes are designed for those who have a great interest in gentle, ethical, sustainable, and as close to natural beekeeping practices as we can get. I am all about putting bees first.   


Art & Photography Classes 


My place or yours, child or adult! I offer drawing, painting, photography, and digital art courses for beginner and advanced artists.  Intro to macro-photography and photographing insects is a blast! Drawing and painting insects from life gives you a much more intimate connection with the natural world!