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Couples Keeping

Couples Keeping 
$40 a couple

This class is designed for ALL couples from 18-100 years old. This is a great opportunity to for those thinking about starting a backyard beehive or are just curious about what is involved with beekeeping and wanting to learn more about honey bees. This class is a great way to connect with each other and participate in a hobby where a passion is shared. 

I have worked with couples looking for a fun and creative date activity and I have worked with newly weds thinking about adding a colony or two to their new "family."  I have also worked with retired couples looking for a healthy, fun, and engaging outlet to do together.  I am located in very close proximity to wineries, breweries, restaurants, and antique stores! Come take a class, then go grab a drink, a bite to eat or go antiquing and explore Loudoun County's countryside!

Topics I cover:

  • Biology of Honey Bees

  • Types of Honey Bees

  • Roles of Honey Bees in the Hive

  • The Queen

  • Pollination

  • Beneficial Plans

  • Honey Facts

  • The History of Beekeeping

  • What A Beekeeper Does

  • How to Help Bees 

  • Beekeeper Safety

  • Working inside the Hive

  • Ways to help both native pollinators and honey bees.

  • Loudoun Beekeepers Association and Virginia Beekeepers Association info covered as well.

Classes run 1-2 hours on average. 

Class scheduling begins April 1, 2020 and run to Oct 1, 2020. Weekends and week days based on availability and weather permitting. There may or may not be a bathroom available on site depending on location of apiary where class is held so plan accordingly. 

Bee suits and gloves are provides. If you have a bee allergy you must bring an EpiPen with you and be with. All participants are required to sign a release prior to class.

Please Contact me today for more information or to book a date with the bees!

Serious about becoming a beekeeper and live in Loudoun? Talk to me about the Loudoun Beekeepers Association and a first year member discount!

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