Covid-19 Update

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! This past year has been one of many changes. Covid-19 and the quarantine procedures that followed threw a wrench into many peoples' plans for the year, including my own. I have been working diligently on re-opening my online shop-hopefully better than it ever was before. There are still quite a few changes I am currently making for my business and art studio and I will be announcing those soon.

Covis-19 Policy- I will only be accepting mentees for 2021. If you are interested please let me know. I will always be available for consultations if you find yourself in need of assistance- by phone, email, video chat, or in person but social distancing in play. I am not accepting any new pollination or hive share contracts until further notice.

I am working on video tutorials for art and beekeeping! It is a slow and laborious process but I know it will be worth it! Stay tuned. 

The Apiary Artist

13256 Cool Hollow Lane,

Leesburg, Virginia 20176

Tel:         860-922-2512
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