Covid-19 Update

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! Due to Covid-19 quarantine and "Stay-at-Home" orders all my 2020 Classes, Presentations and Workshops are cancelled. I am, however, still on call for swarm captures and some colony removals. If you are in need of a Bee Removal  please contact me and I will be on touch!

Covis-19 Policy- I am not accepting any new mentees at this time. I am available for consultations if you find yourself in need of assistance- by phone, email, video chat, or in person but social distancing in play. I am not accepting any new pollination or hive share contracts for the 2020 year. **Hive Share and pollination bookings for 2021 are open**

We are working on launching online courses and tutorials in beekeeping, hive art, and conservation art! Stay tuned for that!

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