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Now Accepting booking for 2021 Spring. Deadline for 2020 is closed. 

I enjoy working with private individuals and businesses who want to keep bees on their properties but do not necessarily want to maintain them on their own. I offer my services to suburban and urban areas within Loudoun County, in accordance to local rules and HOA regulations. Private individuals please be aware that many HOA's and community living areas do not allow beekeeping. Please check with your property managers/owners and HOA's. I also verify your locations rules as well.

Properties in Loudoun that are on 5 acres or more with two hives or more, could qualify for the tax relief program.

There are plenty of wineries, educational organizations, B&B's and small agricultural businesses throughout Loudoun County and Northern Virginia that wish to keep hives and carry their own local honey. I also offer customizable maintenance plans for hive maintenance and I offer additional ad-on services for honey harvest, jarring and logo/label design, as well as custom painted hives to compliment your business or landscaping.


Custom hives: All design work is drafted during the winter, approved by client, and delivered to location in early spring with a strong healthy overwintered colony of bees, all set and ready to go for the new season.  

If you enjoy the company of the bees, you have the option of renewing the package and keeping them there or you can purchase them outright for a small fee and keep them indefinitely. My packages are great for those who also would like to take over the maintenance of their hives, but want to gain experience first. I encourage clients to suit up and get involved if their wish is to takeover the helm and manage their own bees.

There are several different plans I offer and each is customizable. Please contact me today for a listing of all package options!

If you already have hives and need an extra set of hands to help out while you're traveling for work, vacation, have a family emergency come up, or just need extra help- I do offer hive inspections. Hive inspections start at $45 a hour depending on the number of hives kept at the locations. 


Travel charges do apply depending on locations of hives as well.

Please Contact me today for more information.

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