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Products from the Hive

  I am an ethical beekeeper practicing sustainable, biodynamic, and regenerative beekeeping methods. I only harvest the excess honey from colonies and never harvest honey from colonies 2 years old or younger and also never from weak and struggling colonies. I also pride myself in being nearly entirely natural in my beekeeping methods but I do take varroa mites seriously when they are an issue. I do not use antibiotics in my hives. As an ethical beekeeper, not only do I keep the health and happiness of my bee colonies in mind, I also keep my business practices in mind.


  Rest assured, I will NEVER sell you honey or hive products that are not from my own hives. This is a practice I frown upon. All honey and hive products sold from hives I manage in other areas is labeled as such. I believe beekeepers selling honey that is not directly from their own hives should be transparent and label all original sources of honey- be it another local beekeeper/apiary or bulk supplier. When I am out of a product it won't be available again until it is in season. 

  My local raw and regional raw honey varieties, beeswax, propolis, bee pollen and other products are only available directly through me and occasionally through events with the Loudoun Beekeepers Association. I am a small batch artisan honey producer pouring my heart and soul into the work I do. I spend my time managing my bee colonies, designing my marketing, promoting pollinators through classes and presentations, and creating my art- I cannot offer wholesale prices or place my products and artworks at venues where there are fees to sell and/or commissions taken from sales. 


  I sell direct and self-represent also because I pride myself in being able to donate portions of my proceeds to The Pollinator Partnership as well as raise money to support the educational outreach programs I do to bring awareness to our world's pollinators. When you buy from me, you can rest assured that proceeds from your purchase directly help amazing programs! Thank you for choosing to purchase from me! I am grateful and forever appreciative. 2% of all hive products and studio product sales are donated! In the Print Shoppe, I am able to donate 15% of all sales! 


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