Hive Share

We offer offer businesses, schools, gardens, and private individuals their own beehives!

Our Hive Share service is a great way to help honey bee populations and pollination in addition to learning all about honey bees without all the work.

Your property or ours, the choice is yours! We take care of supplying and managing the bees, maintaining the equipment, extracting the honey. Hive Shares allow you to be a part the pollinator awareness movement. Your involvement in our hive share program gives us and yourself the platform to inspire and encourage others to support these beneficial creatures.

What's Included
  • Honey Bees

  • Langstroth Hives

  • Monthly Full Maintenance

  • Honey Extration & Bottling

  • Custom Painted Hive

  • Custom Honey Labels

  • Workshops

Proudly Supporting

Our Hive Share program includes a site evaluation, installation, and maintenance. Evaluating your site allows us to make sure your property is not only capable of sustaining a colony but also legally allowed to. We check all local ordinances and HOA regulations. Keep in mind that in Loudoun county, properties of 5 or more acres with two or more hives could qualify for a tax relief program.

We offer additional add-on packages that include custom painted hives to match business logos and marketing or simply to add color and visual impact to an existing garden space. A beehive can be a very beautiful functional work of art!

You are more than welcome to suit up and join us during hive inspections. Did you know businesses can benefit greatly from team building experiences with beekeeping? Yep, you can include your business team in on the hive inspection process.

For pricing and plan options contact us today!