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My Creative Lifestyle

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

My artwork is deeply rooted in our natural world, animals, and emotions. I create to with conservation in mind. I want my art to have purpose and meaning and I want to use my creative abilities to help bring awareness to causes I am deeply drawn to.

I obtained my BFA from The Hartford Art School with a major in illustration and minors in photography and art history. I began working as a freelance artist in the commercial art industry as well as shooting weddings on the weekends. Make sure to visit my IG pages to see samples of my work. I am not going to keep galleries on my website so it is best to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Somber Blue is an example of mixed media encaustic work I do. I am passionate about animals and often use them as a vehicle of expression in my art. All my encaustic wax is sourced directly from my own hives!

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”~Jerzy Kosinski

I no longer accept commissioned or portrait work as I am fully immersed in my drive to create works of art that not only come from deep with in me, but are created with a purpose! It is my desire for my artworks to come to life with the emotional currents I release. A moment of pain, a moment of happiness, excitement, sadness; the raw real life experiences that shape us all, is captured and let go- sometimes like a soft whisper, sometimes much louder with the expressionistic quality I create with.

It is my hope to connect with others through my art and, as much as I use my art as a vehicle for personal expression, I also use my art to raise awareness for conservation efforts and causes. When you purchase a work of art from me, you also are helping me support conservation and wildlife programs. Right now I am a proud supporter of the Pollinator Partnership, The Sustainable Honey Bee Program, and The Corolla Wild Horse Fund, Audubon Naturalist Society, and Environment Virginia!

Morning Munch, an image from my Corolla Wild Horse series where a portion of all procedes goes towars the Corolla Wild Horse fund!

My seven year old son Connor and I create a "Hive Alive" series together. These are minimalistic miniature pollinator paintings to raise awareness for honey bees and other pollinators around the world. We work together on each and every painting and already we have learned so much from each other during this process. We will be sharing some video demo's of us at work this summer, when our schedules are lighter. We can't wait to show you all how we do this. As a mother, I have found this to be an extraordinary project from my child to take part in. Creative thinking skills, artistic expression, combined with a passion for bringing awareness to issues he is concerned about! Its a great opportunity for learning.

Each piece is uniquely signed with a Certificate of Authentication right on the backside of the piece. All materials used are museum archival quality! We will be supporting two different organizations, buyer's choice, with a percentage of sales going to the recipient. The two organizations we picked are The Pollinator Partnership and The Sustainable Honey Bee Program.

The Pollinator Partnership is non-profit 501(c)3 organization-- the largest in the world dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems. You can learn more about this amazing program by visiting their website, The Pollinator Partnership, liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter, watchin their YouTube, and following them on Instagram. They even have an amazing app called, The BeeSmart Pollinator Garden!

The Sustainable Bee Program is a Loudoun County based, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that promotes sustainable practices in beekeeping. In addition, our program is distributed both nationally and internationally as a vehicle for regional economic development. This organization is near and dear to me for obvious reasons- I can give back to a local Loudoun organization and my fellow Loudoun Beekeepers. Please visit their website, The Sustainable Bee Program to learn more!

I was a commercial artist and photographer for a number of years. I like to show little flashbacks to my "past life" throughout my social media and blogs! Its a way of paying homage to my roots and where I started before finding my way to where I am now!

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