I have been asked by several people if I planned on selling my past favorite digtal art and photography textures I made for Shadow Horse Studios, LLC., (and Glass Eyed Pony Photography),  here under The Apiary Artist. I am happy to announce that, not only will they be available here, but they will be FREE! Yes, that's right, you read correctly, THEY ARE FREE. 


Please read my usage rights below, also there will be a copy of the usage rights in the zip file too. 


*Important usage rights for my TEXTURES AND ACTIONS*
You can use my TEXTURES and ACTIONS resources anywhere and however you want in your artwork and photography INCLUDING pre-mades and for UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL WORK!


As in:
 -Scrapbooking, Fine Art, Crafting, Digital Art, Illustration, etc
 -ANY AND ALL commercial use or non-commercial use projects.
 -You do not have to alter/change or change them to use them for the above stated purpose.
 -*Premades* My textures and actions can be used in pre-mades AS LONG AS SIGNIFICANT CHANGES ARE MADE. YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to sell or distribute my textures or actions in their original state. If I find that this is being done, I will take legal action.


Once again, you are not authorized to redistribute and sell any texture or action of mine as your own RESOURCE UNLESS you make significant changes. Simply put, you are not allowed to claim as your own or sell my textures or actions in their original state


*This is a new agreement that carries over to the licensing of all my textures and actions(past and present) and applies to all past and future my giveaways/freebies.

The is copyrighted material with a Limited Professional License granted to the purchaser of any SHS Texture Stock Resource.

©2014, Lyndsey Warren, Shadow Horse Studios LLC/The Apiary Artist/Glasseyed Pony Photography

shadowhorsestudios.com, apiaryartist.com


Natural Wonder Geology Texture Collection