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The Mule. The Myth. The Legend. They call him Raymond! This photograph is truly special to me. I had heard stories about the burros who once lived alongside the Corolla wild horses for ages. When I had the opportunity to visit Corolla with family, I was bound and determined I was going to spot Ramond during my time there. Raymond, is the last of Corolla's wild burros.


He is and always will be a treasured icon. I looked everywhere I thought I might spot him. The locals said he liked to come down to the tideline around dusk, I patiently waited. After four days went by I was near to giving up but, alas, during the early evening of my sixth day, I saw him. He casually sauntered down to the surf to soak his tired feet. 


Raymond is a huge part of the history of Corolla and he is the last and only suriving wild burro of Corolla. He is the son of a donkey that once belonged to a petting zoo in Virginia Beach who went rogue and took off with some wild mares. The wild colonial mustangs are believed to have been brought to the Outer Banks 400 years ago by early explorers. Burros came later, when farmers worked the barrier islands and their livestock got loose among the mustangs. The coastal farms are now gone, giving way to beachside development, there are no more frisky mules to escape their paddocks. Raymond is truly the last of a bygone era.


Since Autumn of 2019 due to navicular and laminitis, he will be living the remainder of his life at the Corolla rescue center. We know his heart will forever belong to the ocean home where he spent over 20+ years  living a fulfilling, thrilling and wild life. I am truly fortunate to have been able to witness Raymond in true form, wild and free.


You can more about Ramond here;

The Legendary Mule

Raymond Stands Out

Last burro living with Outer Banks wild horses was dying. Then something funny happened

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Raymond's Surf Time Soak

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