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This honey comes directly from my own apiary, Cool Hollow Hives, located on the backside of Furnace Mountain in the Lovettsville/Leesburg/Waterford/Lucketts nook. There are over 750 species of vascular plants including 60 species of trees to forgage in the wild on. Additionally, there are many agrucltural business, such as wineries and breweries practicing biodiversity with agroecostystems utilizing covercrops to manage soil eroision, soil fertiity, and to increase the nitrogen levels in their soil. We also have many flower and vegetable farms nearby, all of this offers plenty of diverse forage for honey bees in this area, making for some very unique honey flavors. 

Many people don't realize that there are more things that can influence the flavor, color, and texture of honey, probable more so that any other artisan food, wine included! This honey is my late summer harvested Autumn honey. I am a small batch artisan honey producer practicing biodynamic and regenerative beekeeping who ethically and sustainably harvests honey from my own hives, only taking surplus and never from honey bee colonies less that 2 years old or weak struggling colonies.


About the Apiary Artist

My mission is to bring awareness to all pollinators who work tirelessly in the natural world for the benefit of, not only, mankind, but ALL-KIND. Working primarily in Loudoun County, I aim to promote awereness and appreciate through my art, beekeeping, and educational outreach programs. 



DO NOT feed honey to infants under one year old.

Furnace Mountain Forage Raw Honey 14oz

  • Customers are more than welcome to pick up honey directly from me. If you have purchased online and wish to pick it up, please wait for me to contact you and we can arrange the pickup. I want to make sure I here. 

    I can also meet up in various locatios in Western Loudoun for pick up to. Just message or call me ahead of time to discuss!

  • I choose to jar all my honey and hive products in glass because glass offers a far more sustainable packaging option and is 100% recyclable, resuasble, and sustainable. I use the best glass product I can while still being able to keep my price points reasonable for customers.

    For each jar returned (big or small), you will receive $1 off your next Apiary Artist "Products from the Hive" purchase. I do not need the lids back, just the jars. Don't even worry about peeling the labels off, I got that covered! 

    Local customers can contact me and we can arrange the exchange. 

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