My stock photos are only free to use if you are using it for private practice and fine art creations as well as non-commercial small print editions. If you are using them for any paid commissions, book covers, merchandise, any form commercial work you will need to contact me at

Credit me clearly if you have used any of my stock. Please include a link to my Website or any of my social media pages. Please consider letting others know about our group and where they can get free stock resources.

Contact me when you have used my stock, providing me with a link to the artwork. (it is best to leave a comment on my profile). Posting finished artwork at the Creative Beeings Facebook group would be appreciated, though not necessary. Feel free to use the tags #apiaryartist or #creativebeeings on social media.

You may post artworks containing my stock on other portfolio websites, providing there is a credit link back to me in some way (website, social media)near the image.
you may post on social media sites, please add a tags #apiaryartist or #creativebeeings

Absolutely no redistribution of my stock in any form is allowed (this includes tubing, pre-cut files, png files and pre-made backgrounds and reposting any high-res stock images.)
The only place where my free stock is provided is in this Facebook page account.

Contact me by email for commercial enquiries.

Please consider answering as many of these questions as you can regarding commercial projects to speed up the process:
Who is the author/maker?
Who is the publisher/manufacturer(s)?
Where will it be published/sold?
How much will your item cost?
How many copies will be made?
Can I receive a copy? 


Honey Bee Stock Photo

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