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The image that adorns this greeting card comes from my Zinnia's On Parade photography series. In 2019, I spent a few days documenting the various pollinators that visit my Zinnia flowers. Of course I started with my honeybees, but didn't stop there. There are so, so many pollinators who enjoy Zinnias, more than even I realized. It was excited, to say the least!


Personalized greeting cards are great for any occasion. My greeting cards are made of durable material that will last a long while and each of my greeting cards always comes with a pollinator friendly FACT on the back- making them a great educational experience as well! The recipient is sure to learn something new about bees, other pollinators, or plants!
A portion of my proceeds goes towards The Pollinator Partnership!


.: Bright white, matte finish
.: 8 pieces per order
.: Use as portrait or landscape card
.: Envelopes included


Honey Bee Fact On Back: Zinnia’s pack a powerful pollen punch formany pollinators. They are so easy to grow and most continue to flower all season long. When I plant for beesI utilize flowers that offer up the most pollen and nectar.  Did you Zinnias are amazing companion plants for vegetables? Cucumber beetles and tomoato worms aren’t fond of Zinnias. Zinnias also attract benefical insectsthat serve as amazing natural biocontrol, like redatory waspsand hoverflies. Hummingbirds are attracted to Zinnias as well and they eat the white flies that often pester our food gardens.

Honeybee & Zinnia Blossom Greeting Cards (8 pcs)

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