This is an illustrative pyrography and burnished beeswax artwork depicting pumpkins and two bumble bees. I create all my own beeswax wax burnishing crayons with natural earth pigments, cosmetic and chalk pigments and beeswax I source sustainably and ethically from my own beehives.


My pyrography pieces are almost exclusively done on archival premium quality sustainably harvested birch wood. This piece was created on 4” x 12” birch wood panel with a 1-1/2” gallery depth. The final piece has been seal with UV protective polyurethane to keep it protected. This price should still be displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight. I use my artwork to creatively promote and bring awareness to our pollinators and the natural world they inhabit. A portion of my proceeds goes directly to support The Planet Bee Foundation.


Did you know that bees and other pollinators are crucial to pumpkin patches? Pumpkin plants set fruit only if pollinated by insects and the fruit quality is enhanced by intense pollinator activity. The most common pumpkin pollinators are squash bees, bumble bees, honeybees in addition to many other solitary bees including sweat bees, longhorn bees, cuckoo bees and even the heavy bodied carpenter bees.

All my original art comes with a certificare of authenticity and is shipped wrapped and packed safely in sustainble eco-friendly shipping materials. All the work I do, is made with love and a portion of my proceeds goes towards the Planet Bee Foundation.

The Pumpkin Patch

  • This work of art is a one of a kind piece and burned by hand with an original design. Burnished with handmade colored beeswax directly sourced ethically and sustainably from my own beehives.