A bay stallion munches on some dune grasses near the Corolla Wash Woods Coast Guard station. Coast Guard crews manned the station for nearly 30 years, looking out for ships in distress. It was named for a community just north of the Virginia line called Wash Woods for the remnants of maritime forest often inundated by the ocean. The station built there in the 1800s burned, and the Coast Guard built another one farther south on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Both the structure and the horses of Corolla have a deep rich history and being able to capture these two icons together, was worth it, even if it was during the middle of the day with a high-noon sun!

The Corolla Collection photographic images are archival museum quality Chromogenic Photographic Prints (C-Prints). A portion of the proceeds from my Corolla Collection goes towards the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Two Corolla Icons

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