My Mission

My Mission

My Mission


My mission is to creatively promote pollinator awareness and appreciation through my art, education, beekeeping, and gardening.

I am proud to support and work with the Planet Bee Foundation, make sure to check them out!


Hello Everyone,

Currently this website is undergoing a bit of a facelift. I am sorry to announce my shop and studio is closed until late Autumn 2022. But, rest assured, there will be new art, illustration, photography prints, other products, as well as a surprise! Stay tuned...

We have a lot on our plates as we navigate around life, work, and getting our house ready for sale.! I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and needed to take a step back and breathe. The holidays are a hectic time of year and right now I want to focus on family and making some more memories  here before its time to head back to New England!

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time!

Please continue to follow along my journey on my social media outlets!