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Lyndsey Pool

Owner & Artist

At The Apiary Artist®, a subsidiary of Shadow Horse Studios, LLC., I am passionately driven about Bee-coming the Queen Bee, in charge of my life, passionately pursuing my ambition to Bee-Creative as the Apiary Artist! My mission is to showcase, not only honey bees, but also native pollinators as valuable contributors to our world and way of life by bringing awareness to these amazing little creatures with my art and handmade products I create ...with their help! I raise honeybees to bring awareness to the plight of our pollinators, using socially conscious natural methods to create artisanal handmade honey goods, photography, illustration and fine art. The work that I do finds a deep rooted inspiration and connectedness with our natural world. I fully believe that all things are connected and that nature is the web that holds everything together with the infinite! I never considered how compatible my pursuit of beekeeping would be with my artistic endeavors or how it would become the driving force behind my encaustic fine art photography, my artworks, and other wonderful products I can design and sell with help from my little bee employees working tirelessly doing what they do! I am grateful that this endeavor has allowed me to bring valuable pollinators right to my own little Loudoun County Homestead quietly nestled in the backside of Furnace Mountain! Helping nature, helping my garden, helping the environment and bringing bee-awareness to the world!

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