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I have been a beekeeper since 2017. My mission is to promote pollinator awareness and appreciation through art, photography, beekeeping, and educational outreach. Pollinator and habitat conservation is heavily emphasized throughout the work I do. 

Handpainting honeybee hive with Philadelphia Flyer's Gritty

Decorative Hives

I love getting creative with my beehives! This Philadelphia Flyers beehive was a birthday present for my hockey-obsessed son!

Honeybees coming on for landing to their beehive.

Hive Products

I offer various products from the hive; honey, beeswax, pollen, and propolis. I have even utilized beeswax in my art art explorations as well. 

A new queen honeybee emerging from her cell.

Queen Rearing

I have been successful with raising my own queens in the past while living in Northern Virginia. This is something that I hope to do again now that I am in New England. 

A little green bee foraging on a cosmos flower.

Gardening for Pollinators

I am a huge advocate for native bees and pollinator species as well as native plants. Beekeeping was my gateway into this aspect of helping nature in my own yard thrive. I also enjoy helping others plan gardens for pollinators too!

A detailed honeybee painting.


I am deeply inspired by nature when it comes to my artistic endeavors. My website and my social media will showcase a wide range of my artistic abilities and I love sharing my processes. 

A framed design floral artwork by Lyndsey Pool

Studio Shop

I have a lot of unique and beautiful artworks and products featuring my artwork available on my site as well as on Etsy. 

Favorite Quote

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu

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