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Hi! I'm Lyndsey

My mission is to bring awareness to the pollinators who work tirelessly in the natural world for the benefit of, not only mankind, but ALL-kind! They face many challenges in our world today, from chemical applications on their foraging grounds to increased development of natural habitats. Working primarily in Loudoun County, I aim to promote awareness and appreciation through my art, beekeeping, and educational outreach programs. 


At The Apiary Artist®, a subsidiary of Shadow Horse Studios, LLC., I am passionately driven about Bee-coming the Queen Bee, in charge of my life, passionately pursuing my ambition to Bee-Creative as the Apiary Artist! The work that I do finds a deep rooted inspiration and connectedness with our natural world and each other. I fully believe that all things are connected and that nature is the web that holds everything together with the infinite! I never considered how compatible my pursuit of beekeeping would be with my artistic and educational endeavors. I am grateful that this endeavor has allowed me to bring valuable awareness to pollinators right here in Loudoun County and beyond! I am passionate about helping nature and encouraging others, through art and education, have a deeper connection to and understand of our world's pollinators!  



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