The Apiary Artist was fully established as a subsidiary of Shadow Horse Studios, LLC., in 2017. We are tucked quietly away on the backside of Furnace Mountain, less than 3 miles away from the historic Potomac River in Loudoun County's scenic western end. Surrounded by nature, wineries & breweries, antique stores, and farms. There is plenty of amazing things to see, do, and be inspired by.

My Art

I am an established self-representing artist and educator. I obtained my BFA from The Hartford Art School with a Major in Illustration. While in undergrad I also studied photography and art history (with a focus on pre-Christian ancient art).
I received my MAT/MFA at The Maryland Institute College of Art.

I am a full time artist, educator, and beekeeper and my husband, a veteran, works in the tech industry. We live quietly and humbly with our son embracing a minimal and sustainable lifestyle.

Choosing to live small but with a large and beneficial impact on Mother Nature, the local ecosystems, and the community. My mission is to creatively bring awareness to the many pollinators who work tirelessly in the natural world for the benefit of ALL-KIND, not just mankind.

Pollinators face many challenges in our world today, from chemical applications on their foraging grounds to increased development and destruction of natural habitats. I aim to promote awareness and appreciation through art, beekeeping, and educational outreach.

Classes  & Workshops

PyroHive & Colorful Colonies


These classes and workshops are designed for those beekeepers wanting to add a splash of color and design to their boxes was still keeping them functional  and long lasting. 


BeeCentric Beekeeping 


My beekeeping classes are designed for those who have a great interest in gentle, ethical, sustainable, and as close to natural beekeeping practices as we can get. I am all about putting bees first.   


Creative Beeings 


My place or yours, child or adult! I offer drawing, painting, photography, and digital art courses for beginner and advanced artists.  Intro to macro-photography and photographing insects is a blast! Drawing and painting insects from life gives you a much more intimate connection with the natural world!