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Amongst the Reaching Branches: A Muse in the New England Forest

Being surrounded by the dense New England forest brings new intrigue and inspiration to my life. There is a magic to the woods that only few people can feel.

The forest is my symphony. Birdsong punctuates the stillness, and the distant rush of a stream provides rhythm. I sit on a mossy log, my sketchbook open, pencil poised. The world fades away, and I lose myself in lines and shadows. The branches become dancers, the moss a chorus. I capture their essence – not with precision, but with reverence.

Colors of Decay and Renewal

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

It is here, that decay and renewal coexist. Fallen leaves decompose, returning nutrients to the soil. Mushrooms emerge from hidden nooks, their caps like miniature umbrellas. The forest teaches me that beauty thrives in imperfection – in the twisted roots, the fallen limbs, the fading petals. I collect these fragments, these fleeting moments, and translate them onto my canvas.

The forest floor is adorned with ferns that dance to the whims of the wind; they sway gracefully, painting strokes of green on nature’s canvas. Amidst this serene landscape, rocks lay scattered - silent witnesses to the eternal dance between earth and time.

As dawn breaks, golden rays of sunlight pierce through the canopy; illuminating patches of darkness and awakening life in every corner. Shadows play hide and seek with light; creating an enchanting spectacle that breathes life into every observer’s soul. Just what have I learned from my keen observations of Nature?

Nothing that I create will ever compare to it- and that is truth.

a photograph of the fern filled forest floor.
The Forest Fern Tucked Away in a New England Forest

The Dance of Light and Shadow

As an artist, I seek patterns – the interplay of light and shadow, the geometry of nature. In this forest, I find my inspirations. The sun paints dappled patches on the ground, illuminating fallen leaves and patches of moss. The shadows shift with the passing hours, creating a choreography of contrasts. I capture it all – the intricate lacework of branches against the sky, the delicate veins of a leaf, the way moss clings to a decaying log.

The forest is a tapestry of greens. Moss blankets rocks and fallen logs, softening their edges. It's as if the moss itself is a storyteller, whispering ancient tales of woodland creatures, of forgotten civilizations, of love and loss. I kneel beside a moss-covered stone, my fingers tracing its velvet surface. How many footsteps has it cradled? How many dreams has it witnessed? And what of fairytales? I can see fantastical creatures of magic and ancient lore coming to life in my mind!

The Art of Being Present

“Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment. Fully alive, fully aware.”~ Nhat Hanh

In this forest, time slows. I am no longer bound by deadlines or expectations. The rustling leaves remind me to breathe, to observe, to absorb. I sketch the curve of a fern frond, the texture of lichen, the way light filters through a lattice of branches. My art becomes an offering – a tribute to the quiet beauty that surrounds me.


And so, amongst the reaching branches and the mossy forest floor, I find my muse. It's not in grand vistas or dramatic landscapes, but in the delicate details, the overlooked corners. The New England forest whispers its secrets, and I listen, my pencil moving across the paper, translating nature's poetry into strokes of graphite and ink.


Here, in this sacred communion, art and nature entwine, and I am merely a conduit – capturing the magic that exists beyond the visible. 🌿🎨

A Sacred Connection

The forest whispers secrets to those who listen. It tells of resilience, of cycles unbroken, and of the delicate balance that sustains all living things. It invites us to wander its trails, to lose ourselves in its quietude, and to find solace in its ancient embrace.

So, let us walk among the trees, breathe in the earthy perfume, and feel the heartbeat of the forest. For here, in this sacred realm, we discover our own roots – intertwined with the soil, the seasons, and the stories whispered by the wind. For me, it is here, where I find inspiration for my art...but also, so much more. SO MUCH MORE.

And so, the forest endures, a timeless witness to the ebb and flow of existence. 

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