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Elevate your space with the striking “Azimuth” art print, a digital masterpiece that captures the essence of nature’s skilled navigator, the honeybee. This exquisite piece began as a delicate sketch, brought to life with the fluid grace of watercolors. The original watercolor sketch was then meticulously scanned and transformed into a digital format using Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.


Harnessing the power of Adobe’s innovative generative AI feature I was able to refine and enhance the design, ensuring every detail is crisp and vibrant. The title “Azimuth” is thoughtfully chosen to reflect the honeybee’s remarkable use of the sun for navigation. At its core, “Azimuth” showcases a honeybee set against an intricate backdrop that echoes celestial navigation instruments.


The bee’s wings are translucent and detailed, while its body exhibits rich textures that mimic real fur and delicate segmentation. Surrounding this central figure are geometric patterns and symbols reminiscent of ancient astrolabes, further tying into the theme of exploration and direction.


The color palette is warm with golden hues that suggest sunlight itself, punctuated by splashes of watercolor droplets that add an organic touch to the composition. This art print is not just visually stunning; it tells a story about instinctual guidance, connection with nature, and our own journeys through life.


Whether you’re an admirer of art or fascinated by the natural world’s wonders, “Azimuth” promises to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to any collection.


Azimuth Fine Art Print

    • Azimuth Fine Art Print: This artwork beautifully bridges the gap between entomological precision and aesthetic appeal.
    • The Artwork: Showcasing a honeybee set against an intricate backdrop that echoes celestial navigation instruments.. The color palette features soft earth tones with subtle hints of gold.
    • Print Sizes: Available in print sizes 8"x8", 10"x10", and 12"x12," each piece promises to be a captivating centerpiece for your space.

    The artwork is produced, printed, and shipped from my little studio in Canton, Connectcut USA. Each one of my prints is created with Epson UltraChrome K3™ archival inks on my Epson Pro 3880 printer on 140lb archival museum quality paper and then finished with an archival UV finish glaze.

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