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Ephemeral Flutter: Bee in Wonderland - Fantasy Watercolor Art Print 11"x14"


Discover the delicate dance between reality and imagination with my “Ephemeral Flutter: Bee in Wonderland” art print. Inspired by the elusive blue orchid mason bee, this ethereal creation invites you to explore a world where nature and whimsy intertwine.This captivating bee artwork combines the natural beauty of the blue orchid mason bee with a sprinkle of fantasy.


Crafted using a harmonious blend of traditional watercolor techniques and modern digital tools- beginning as a delicate sketch, brought to life with the fluid grace of watercolors. The original watercolor sketch was then meticulously scanned and transformed into a digital format using Procreate and Adobe Photoshop. Harnessing the power of Adobe’s innovative generative AI feature I was able to refine and enhance the design, ensuring every detail is crisp and vibrant. This exquisite artwork is available in an 11"x14" print.


Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a unique gift, my “Ephemeral Flutter: Bee in Wonderland” art print will captivate your heart and spark your imagination. Bring a piece of magic into your world today! This artwork is also available as a blank greeting card as well🌟🎨🐝

Ephemeral Flutter: Bee in Wonderland Fine Art Print

    • Stunning Details: The bee, with its translucent wings and intricate markings, comes alive on the canvas. Each stroke of watercolor captures its delicate essence.
    • Fantasy Elements: A touch of magic weaves through the composition, transforming the bee into a mystical creature. Imagine it flitting through enchanted gardens.
    • Digital Refinement: Leveraging Adobe’s generative AI, we’ve polished this artwork to perfection, ensuring it meets the highest print standards.
    • Perfect Size: The 11"x14" dimensions make it ideal for framing and displaying in your home, office, or any space that craves a touch of wonder.

    The artwork is produced, printed, and shipped from my little studio in Canton, Connectcut USA. Each one of my prints is created with Epson UltraChrome K3™ archival inks on my Epson Pro 3880 printer on 140lb archival museum quality paper and then finished with an archival UV finish glaze.

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