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Title: “Tranquility in Shades of Green” 

I worked on a small series of monochromatic watercolor paintings; some in blue, some in sepia, and some in green. My, "Tranquility in Shades of Green" an abstract landscape painting is a perfect blend of artistry, serenity and painted with monochromatic green. This piece captures the tranquil beauty of a lush cliffside forest landscape overlooking the ocean. The varying shades of green portray the depth and richness of nature. Let’s delve into the details:

Abstract Forest Scene:

  • The simple brush strokes reveal a serene forest scene overlooking the calm sea. Imagine standing amidst tall trees, their leaves rustling gently in the breeze while gazing upon the gentle waters below.
  • Lighter greens depict sunlight filtering through the foliage, creating dappled patterns on the forest floor and rippling on the water.
  • Darker greens represent shadows—the cool, mysterious depths of the forest where secrets lie hidden.

Harmonious Composition:

  • The monochromatic palette allows the viewer to focus on the interplay of light and shadow. It’s as if the trees whisper their secrets to those who listen.
  • I like to invite viewers to explore the quietude of nature, where every leaf and branch contributes to the symphony of green.

Reflections and Tranquility:

  • Amidst the trees, there appears to be an open space—a tranquil lake or ocean inlet or perhaps a meandering stream.
  • The water reflects the sky’s light, mirroring the peaceful ambiance of the forest.
  • It’s a place where time slows down, and worries fade away.
  • This place is known to me from my own dreams. It is not a real landscape, but could be- its entirely made up in my mind.

Framed Elegance:

  • Encased in a pristine white matte and silver frame
  • Approximately 8 inches by 8 inches (ideal for small spaces or as part of a gallery wall). 
  • Hang it in your study, bedroom, or any cozy nook where you seek solace.
  • Let the shades of green transport you to a world of peaceful reflection.
  • Medium: A harmonious watercolor featuring softed muted colors
  • Paper: Premium archival 4"x4" heavy weight  140lb Canson watercolor paper
  • Dimensions: Image is 3.5x3.5 inches 
  • Original Art: Comes handsigned with a Certificate of Authenticty. 

Placement Suggestions:

  • Home Decor: Create a calming corner by pairing it with indoor plants or natural textures.
  • Gift Idea: Share the tranquility with a fellow art lover or someone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity.
  • This artwork is not just a painting; it’s an experience.


 Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this enchanting world.


Please note that colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

This artwork is a celebration of creativity and the serentity of Nature.✨

Tranquility in Shades of Green Miniature Abstract Watercolor Painting

SKU: TranquilityGreen24
  • The artwork is produced in my little studio in Canton, Connectcut USA. This artwork will come signed with a certificate of authenticity.

    Moon Dust is an original watercolor, gouache and sepia ink artwork by Lyndsey Pool. 

    • One of a kind
    • Direct from the artist
    • Signed by the artist
    • Matting and Framing IS included
    • Carefully packed and shipped
    • Produced on Canon 140lb archival Canson Watercolor paper.
    • Watercolor, gouache and sepia pen
    • Signed Certificate of Authenticity

    Thank you for your interest in my artwork and for supporting a small independent artist. 

  • Free Shipping: United States and Canada.

    Please inquire about shipping cost if outside my free shipping zone.

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