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Step into the enchanting world of my Whimsical Wildlife series with my Chipmunk greeting card. Crafted with delicate watercolor and gouache techniques, this blank card features an endearing illustration of the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus).


Product Highlights:


  • Nature’s Whimsy: Meet our delightful woodland companion—the Eastern Chipmunk. With its reddish-brown fur, contrasting dark and light stripes, and bright eyes, it captures the essence of forest charm.
  • Distinctive Features:
    • Ear Tufts: While it lacks the striking ear tufts of its cousin across the great pond, the Eastern Chipmunk still stands out with its tawny stripe running from whiskers to ears.
    • Playful Spirit: This small striped rodent is known for its agility and inquisitive nature.
  • Habitat: Found in deciduous wooded areas and parks across eastern North America and southern Canada, the Eastern Chipmunk scampers among fallen leaves and tree stumps.


Card Details:


  • Illustration: The chipmunk is depicted against a backdrop of leaves and branches, evoking the natural beauty of its habitat.
  • Mediums Used: Watercolor and gouache techniques lend depth and vibrancy to the artwork.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re sending warm wishes, celebrating a special occasion, or simply sharing a smile, this card is perfect for any purpose.
  • Mini Print: The image on the card can easily slide into a frame, transforming it into a cute little print. Display it on your desk, shelf, or any cozy corner to enjoy the whimsical beauty of the red squirrel.
  • Accompanying Envelope: The card comes with a brown envelope, ready for personal use or gifting.


Share the magic of the forest with this delightful Eastern Chipmunk greeting card. It’s a little piece of nature’s wonder to brighten someone’s day.🐿️✨ 


Whimsical Wildlife Chipmunk Greeting Card

  • This is a 5"x7" blank greeting card with envelope.

    • Handmade item
    • Materials: archival Epson UltraChrome inks
    • Archival 60lb Polar Matte
    • Made to order
    • Envelope is eco-friendly recycled paper
    • All cards come packaged individually in a cello sleeve.


    This is a blank greeting card which gives you the opportunity to personalize them with your meaningful words. 


    Image Copyright:

    Copyright of art belongs solely to Lyndsey Fine Art & Illustration LLC "© 2023." Do not reproduce or sell without explicit permission from the artist Lyndsey Pool. 

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